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Zibo Mod B737-800X

This is the Zibo mod Version for X Plane 12 . It is the complete aircraft up to and including the version mentioned. PLEASE NOTE that you also have to read the "changelogs" at the bottom of this main post to see the changes and...

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This is the Zibo mod Version for X Plane 12 . 
It is the complete aircraft up to and including the version mentioned. 

PLEASE NOTE that you also have to read the "changelogs" at the bottom of this main post to see the changes and REQUIREMENTS
. No one can help YOU if YOU do not read and follow the instructions correctly!

!!! The latest X Plane version is required to run this new version of the Zibo mod !!!

By special permission from Lubos and by arrangement with, I will use this platform to distribute the Zibo mod as a complete aircraft and update it on a weekly basis if an update/fix was released  during that week. You are welcome to download it and then patch it on your side if you want to update it yourself or you can wait for the update when I pubish the next complete version here.

This is the same files as in our Google drives or on the Torrents.
The only difference is the update interval and that this file actually includes all previous updates/fixes already included up to the time that it is published. Press the question mark (?) on the EFB to see the version that you have!

New Fresh Installation:
1) Open the Zip file 
2) Extract the B737-800X folder directly into your X-Plane 12\Aircraft folder

Updating an exisiting Zibo mod Installation:
Before you start, please check the version of the Zibo mod that you have BEFORE you accidentally downgrade your model!
- Find your version by pressing the question mark in the top right hand corner of the EFB then follow the instructions below.

1) Please make a backup of your preferences files as well as any other files that you might have customized such as X-RAAS or any of the default liveries's cfg files before proceding to update the Zibo mod with this download.
All default Zibo mod files will be overwritten during the update process!
2) Open the Zip file 
3) Extract the B737-800X folder directly into your X-Plane 12\Aircraft folder. Over write all the files when prompted
4) Copy your backup files back into position

My full, official Zibo mod install guide for XP12 can be downloaded here
Zibo Install Guide & Training Checklist

Official Support for the Zibo mod: DO NOT ASK FOR SUPPORT HERE, ON THIS PAGE
(Please read the pinned posts first to orientate yourself towards specific subthreads)
1) The Zibo Mod Support Forum -
2) The Zibo Mod, XP12 Early Access, Spesific thread on the Zibo forum -

Additional Resources:
1) Our Discord Server -
2) The Zibo Pilot's Group -
3) My YouTube channel -
This is also where we showcase the latest news related to the Zibo mod and publish official tutorials we make together + have fun doing group flights etc.

Direct Donations to Zibo:

Zibo Zibo mod
Airline Aviation
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October 08, 2022
Utolsó frissítés
5 day(s) ago — 4.01.33



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  • Updated to version 4.01.33

  • Updated to version 4.01.30

  • Updated to version 4.01.26

  • Updated to version 4.01.22

  • Updated to version 4.01.20

  • Updated to version 4.01.15

  • Initial File Release


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163 Megjegyzések
  1. если бы разработчик зибо делал бы телефоны они бы взрывались при включении

The above link for the Zibo mod Install Guide is not working. Is there an updated link?

Any news on the LevelUP 737NG release for XP12.



1 month(s) ago / Megköszönte Skymatix

What a remarkable aircraft. Absolutely mind-blown with the detail. Completely blows all stock planes out of the water and may be one of the best addon planes out there right now, especially for free. This plane has made my workdays go by much slower. Thank you so much for this and all the continued hard work

I fly A320 FF but ty.



1 month(s) ago / Megköszönte Skymatix

Thanks for the Linux support! It works extremely well and stably, the best model of the Boeing 737-800 is not only in the X-plane. In my opinion it is even better than PMDG

can i use this in xp11?

t/d and arrival airport on ND jumping, after u choosing STAR and arrival runway. pls fix


The autopilot has always disengaged continuously and for no reason it's very annoying- a 738 PMDG would never do that- set that please thank you


Downloaded latest version today, aircraft disappears when spawning. Please fix!



3 month(s) ago / Megköszönte Skymatix

Mod muito bom, parabéns para todos os desenvolvedores!

Hi, Your Zibo file is for 4.01.5 and Zibo's Google drive has an update for 4_01_11.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Great site, thanks for hosting.



4 month(s) ago / Megköszönte Skymatix

best aircraft freeware

Great aircraft as the Zibo is the best freeware for any sim. But, I noticed I cannot get the Simbrief OFP to load in this version. There wasn't even an option for Airside Services. I highly recommend this aircraft but it should probably be downloaded from the official Google Drive folder.




5 month(s) ago / Megköszönte Skymatix

One of the best aircraft ever created on any flight simulation platform, and hands down the best freeware aircraft ever created for any flight simulation platform.

I focus on general aviation aircraft myself, but I still make a point to grab this aircraft anytime I'm installing the simulator, and fly this anytime I'm looking for a large airliner to fly.

Thank you so much for your work over the years, @Skymatix!

  1. The duct pressure is arse about face. It should be around 40 PSI with the packs OFF (on APU), and will drop if you switch on a pack. I've mentioned this on the "other" forum but nothing ever happened.
  2. The seams are visible from most angles (I use the Carribean Airlines livery) I don't think I can display an image here which will make it more clear. Edit: I found the gallery and uploaded an image in which you can clearly see the seams.
  3. When standing in front of the aircraft the taxi light does not show with some variants.

Otherwise very good work by Zibo but I can't buy him a coffee because I don't have paypal.

не работает anti skid runway inop



6 month(s) ago / Megköszönte Skymatix

Great Mod, But how do i get split wingtip for every livery

Hi, I'm experiencing an issue with the wing textures rendering. At large airports under heavy weather my wing textures suddenly turn plastic-looking blank. Yet X-Plane didn't report "out of VRAM". Is this due to a bug or my own graphics settings? Thanks for some insight.



6 month(s) ago / Megköszönte Skymatix

Frankly shocking detail for a free mod, very fun to fly

Ezek a tételek jelenleg a listán vannak, és hamarosan feldolgozásra kerülnek!
Javaslatok, hibák és ötletek a jövőre nézve.

  • Version 4.01.33 July 11, 2024

    Version 4.01.31 to 4.01.33
    - fixed bugs (FMC arrivals page, engine EGT, Turnaround,...)
    - fixed bugs and updated HUD by ToGate studio
    - updated flight model - performance
    - fixed bugs (FMC - STAR transition select,...)
    - add trigger for TO announcement - ATTEND button (see EFB settings) and Auto trigger when Airservices running

  • Version 4.01.30 June 30, 2024

    Version 4.01.27 to 4.01.30
    - fixed typo bugs
    - fixed bugs ("discontinuity",...)
    - fixed bugs (flight control,...)
    - fixed bugs (FMC arrivals page, engine EGT, Turnaround,...)

  • Version 4.01.26 June 02, 2024

    Version 4.01.23 to 4_01_26
    - update HUD (thank to ToGate Studio),...
    - fixed bugs (ALT ACQ, VS arm, HUD,...)
    - fixed bugs (contrails, flight control...)
    - fixed bugs (glass animation, flight control,...)

  • Version 4.01.22 May 20, 2024

    Version 4.01.21 to 4_01_22
    - fixed rain on windshield,...
    - fixed bugs (lost cruise altitude,...)

  • Version 4.01.20 May 13, 2024

    Version 4_01_16 to 4_01_20
    ** Do NOT install this on top of an existing Zibomod in your X Plane! PLEASE make a new one with this file!
    - fixed bugs (missing datarefs, APU,...)
    - fixed bugs (speed brake lever in flight, false open green circle on captain ND,...)
    - fixed bugs (LE Flap transition/extended annunciate, Hydraulic system, ...)
    - fixed bugs and improved systems (APU, brakes,....)
    - fixed bugs (airport database,...)

    If you have Navigation issues, please delete these files in the Zibomod main folder and let the Zibomod rebuild them!
    - B738X_apt.dat, B738X_gate.dat, B738X_jetway.dat, B738X_rnw.dat

  • Version 4.01.15 April 26, 2024

    Version 4_01_12 to 4_01_15
    - improved systems
    - fixed bugs

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